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Dan Crenshaw and Kevin Roberts. Find out for yourself on May 16th. (Update)

This must see event is hosted by the Lake Houston Pachyderm Club and we encourage voters in District 2 to come out and hear for yourself how these candidates will serve you if elected into congress. Also don't forget to vote in the runoff election May 22, 2018. Make a difference!

Photo credit: Lake Houston Pachyderm

Let's talk about these important issues:

  • National Security, Foreign Policy and Defense

  • The local and National Economy

  • 2nd Amendment Rights

  • Abortion

  • Immigration Reform

  • Religious Liberty

  • Education

  • Federalism and the 10th Amendment

  • Free Speech

  • Healthcare

  • Fixing the VA and Take Care of Our Veterans

  • American Energy

  • Local Projects

  • Supporting our Israeli Allies

  • Flood Policy for all of the areas hit by Hurricane Harvey

This election is very important to the residents in the Lake Houston area. Make sure we have a voice in Washington. This in not a private event the general public is invited! Monday May 16th at 6:30 p.m.

Los Cucos Mexican Restaurant

23730 Highway 59 North Kingwood, Texas 77339

(281) 358-2600


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