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Mom, a small tribute to you. Mothers Day- May 13, 2018.

Mothers are a gift from God, and everyone after Eve has one. So Mother's Day is really a holiday for everyone, a day for thanking God for His blessings in giving us mothers, and an occasion for letting that gratitude ring loudly with expressions of special honor to the most wonderful person in our lives.

God created families and gave mothers a unique place in that unit. They can love, give of themselves, cook, clean, wash clothes, put Band-Aids on scrapes and be the first one up in the morning or the last one down at night. They juggle a lot of things including raising children, working at jobs, managing a home, and sometimes finding time for themselves.

Each day is a new beginning of what lies before them.They have destiny, purpose, and the power to do super human feats even at three o'clock in the morning. Nothing can stop them from protecting their children from all of life's situations. God has given mothers an unlimited capacity to love, nourish, and heal. I know, I have a special mom in my life.

My mom, is blessed with six wonderful children, and then me. She may be the only person on this planet to argue that I am wonderful too and she will profess that until the end of time. My dad, may God rest his soul, was an incredible person in his own right but that conversation is for another day.

Mary Louise Netek has showered me with unending love and praise my entire life and I am truly blessed to have been given a gift as amazing as her. I know my siblings will all agree she is the most wonderful mom in the world. Love you.

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